Vado. Personal Lifestyle Equipment.

Life is changing. Travel too.

Welcome to VadoWorld: the first system of fully customizable life-gear,
designed for the way we move now.

Whatever today has in store, Vado is here to help every mover find their true flow.

A modular packing system you can reconfigure day by day, keeping you equipped with everything you need, and absolutely nothing you don’t.

Motion-friendly apparel – engineered for traveling, perfect for everything.

A new breed of smarter essentials, for frictionless-switching mode between meeting, gym session, island tour, late drinks.

Work | Flight | Wellness | Outdoor


Professional inspiration, all the way.


Ready, always. Boarding, now!


Minimalist self-care selection.


Woods or sea, pack smart for out there.

The Domad Movement

The way we live now is creating a new sort of traveler: the Domad.

Nomadic in spirit, domestic in bringing the calm and comfort of home wherever we go.

Do it your way, with less in your way.

Go Domad.

Become a Domad

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