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The WHY / Now more than ever, our schedules are multi-hyphenate mixes of business and play, exploration, errands and downtime. Welcome to the Movement. Vado believes a new era of motion calls for gear that turns motion into flow.

With you for the long-haul… But also for all the short hops you make on the regular: the day-tripping, the morning meeting, the hot-desk afternoon, the overnighter, the on-the-run workout, and the timeouts in between.

Where peace of mind hits the road.

The WHO / No surprise: Vado was founded by a group of fellow travellers. Creative associates and incidental nomads, connected by previous design collaborations, and dotted across the globe. Our vision: a dynamic collection of life-ready gear to help us work, explore, play, store, carry, focus and relax in a frictionless flow.

The great global pause in 2020 deepened our thinking about what it means to travel – and the nonsense distinction between our needs at home and away. We took stock of the complicated, varying dance we – and our stuff – do daily.

The HOW / We love thinking that while Vado means I go, it actually stands for more: I go – without the ego! Community matters. In life, we’re all mass-transit riders. Vado products are designed to pack a positive punch in three ways:

GLOBAL: multi-functional pieces that do double (or triple) duty help each of us to tread more lightly, and ease up on our ecological footprint.
SOCIAL: streamlined, thoughtful travel solutions make more room for others in crowded spaces (including our homes).
EMOTIONAL: failsafe kit cuts down on mental noise and stress, freeing people up for presence, interaction, creativity, and joy.

We want to live fully in the world, let it change us for the better, and then make it our business to return the favour. Learn more about how Vado is contributing to the Global Sustainable Development Goals:

#3 Good Health and Well BeingVado wants to improve people’s mental and physical well-being. Such as? On the one hand, helping them in the organization of daily life, reducing their stress and therefore removing them from pathologies such as anxiety and depression, often the cause of numerous and subtle psychosomatic physical disorders. On the other hand, promoting an active and safe lifestyle – thanks to the tools provided to harmoniously implement physical movement, hydration, sanitation in everyday routines.

#12 Ensure Sustainable consumption and production patternsVado wants to do the best to have the least impact on the planet. The modularity and adaptability of the system make it “alternative” to the mechanisms of consumerism, inviting the user to integrate it with items already in their possession and not to buy what is not necessary. The compactness and lightness of the articles reduces the use of material and the clutter of volumes, while the minimalist philosophy with which they are presented produces a conscious purchase – never on impulse – and makes them friends of sustainability. Finally, Vado uses recycled and recyclable materials where possible, especially in packaging, constantly considering the introduction of new solutions available. All by communicating in a specific and transparent way, zero greenwashing.

Wanna be part of the Domad Movement?

Social Media Detox

How a social media detox can help boost your mental health

The rise of various social media platforms in the modern age has changed the way we live our lives. From catching up with old friends to making new ones, social media is very valuable to us in terms of making connections.

Whether these relationships are formed on a professional or personal level, they are as important now as face-to-face relationships have ever been. There are many positive things that have come out of the rise of social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. However, research in the past several years has shown a potential link between social media use and a decline in mental health.

The domand movement

The Domad Movement

In the wake of new everyday-life routines along with a more conscious wanderlust, a new human type is born: the Domad.

A crossover who thrives in homely coziness yet feeds on traveling inspiration.

A nomad in the spirit, a domestic creature in the day-by-day. Many of us are getting somewhat Domad.

And for that matter, Domads might make the world a better place. How?


A material path… to move away from materialism

Ready for the therapeutic paradox? By learning the minimalist approach, you will discover how material goods – all the things we surround ourselves with – can be the means to mental liberation from materialism.


Let life flow.

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