A Material Path… to Move Away from Materialism

Ready for the therapeutic paradox? By learning the minimalist approach, you will discover how material goods – all the things we surround ourselves with – can be the means to mental liberation from materialism.

Indeed, things become a burden when it is not you who possesses them, but a multitude of them that possess you. Instead, if we gently guide our buying instincts, we can reach the happy state in which we will only (or mainly) be surrounded by objects that have a precise function or a joyful impact on our lives.

Dematerialisation is rampant in certain aspects of our lifestyles – for instance in reading the news, or in integrating functions traditionally attributed to multiple objects (camera, maps, torch, music player, dictionary, etc.) into a single, coveted object named ‘smartphone’.

Yet, due to both the growing need for technological gadgets and the ever-increasing online offer of irresistible novelties in fashion, beauty and décor, we are often induced to collect physical goods like there is no tomorrow. And it can certainly be very enjoyable!

So, let us learn to do this in a more conscious way so that our purchases serve our lifestyle as much as possible.