Domad Traveler Levels: Newbies, Pros, and Sherpas Unveiled

In the Domad world, travelers are at all different stages of their lives. There are the young Domads from Gen Z to the Boomers, those who have been practicing sustainable travel for years, and those who are just discovering it. To better understand what travel level you might be, we’ve broken down the characteristics of each: Newbie Travelers, Pro Travelers, and Sherpa Travelers.

Newbie Travelers: Starting the Journey

The first Domad travel level is the Newbie Traveler. These Domads could be young and just getting into traveling, or they could be of an older generation and are just now discovering their passion for exploring. Newbie Travelers are eager to see the world and are open to any new experience. It’s a good idea for newbies to travel with others who are more experienced travelers, as it can be complicated and overwhelming being in unfamiliar environments by oneself. With a travel partner, Newbie Travelers can share the responsibilities of getting from place to place and will be less stressed about the details of a trip, thus having the ability to relax and enjoy whatever they are doing.

Newbie Travelers are likely just discovering (or have yet to discover) the practice of mindful traveling, meaning they know about more sustainable ways to do things. Practicing mindful and sustainable traveling is something that comes with time and effort.

As a core value of being a Domad, mindful traveling is essential to leaving less of a carbon footprint. For example, using a reusable water bottle, opting for public transportation, and supporting local businesses are simple yet impactful habits. We know there are many things we can do, as travelers, to help leave the environment better than we found it. Newbie Travelers will pick up on these different habits over time, and they will eventually become an unconscious way of life.

11 1 Domad Traveler Levels: Newbies, Pros, and Sherpas Unveiled

Pro Travelers: Mastering the Art

The second level of Domads are the Pro Travelers. These travelers are typically from an older generation, but depending on the level of experience one has, they can be younger as well. Pro Travelers have swift decision-making skills and have mastered the art of planning a trip or vacation. When faced with an obstacle during travel time, Pro Travelers are able to handle the problem with ease. While any trip can have its issues, Pro Travelers are used to hiccups and can always navigate a situation calmly. They regularly practice mindful traveling and can often plan trips that prioritize sustainable actions.

Pro Travelers make for excellent travel partners due to their level of experience–a trip with them, whether planned or spontaneous, is always a good time because they are intent on living in the moment. It’s important to them to get the most out of every experience they have, so you can count on feeling fulfilled on each adventure you take with a pro. Their positivity is radiant, and they automatically make every traveler around them feel included and important.

10 1 Domad Traveler Levels: Newbies, Pros, and Sherpas Unveiled

Sherpa Travelers: The Ultimate Masters

The final level of Domad is the Sherpa Traveler. These are the Domads that travel religiously. Sherpa Travelers have the most experience with traveling. Any problem they encounter during a trip is simply a part of the journey for them. Instead of seeing these obstacles in a negative way, Sherpa Travelers are able to take them for what they’re worth and make the best out of any situation. Sherpa Travelers adapt and overcome without a second thought, always mindful of what the goal of their trip is.

Because of this level of awareness, Sherpa Travelers experience all of the beauty and small joys of traveling. Each moment of a trip is valuable in some shape or form to them, leaving them totally fulfilled no matter what happens. Their ability to maximize the potential of any trip is admirable and what the other levels of Domads strive to accomplish. They travel mindfully without effort, as they have practiced sustainability for long enough that it has become their natural way of doing things.

Sherpa Travelers do everything they can to minimize their carbon footprint, as they realize the Earth is a gift we’ve been so graciously given. Sherpa Travelers have the freedom to plan their trips or live spontaneously, knowing that whatever they choose to do, they will make the most out of.

12 1 Domad Traveler Levels: Newbies, Pros, and Sherpas Unveiled

The Core of Every Domad

At every travel level, Domads carry good vibes and energy with them. Domads are always able to extend their positivity to those around them and strive to make every experience a memorable one. They understand the importance of mindfulness and execute it not only in their travels but every aspect of their daily lives.

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