The Domad Movement: Seamless Living Across Diverse Space

In the wake of new everyday-life routines along with a more conscious wanderlust, a new human type is born: the Domad.
A crossover who thrives in homely coziness yet feeds on traveling inspiration. A nomad in the spirit, a domestic creature in the day-by-day. Many of us are getting somewhat Domad. And for that matter, Domads might make the world a better place. How?

Domadslove moving around, yet they are not restless. They value snugness wherever they go – no matter how far – while they can feel like adventure even by just exploring their own neighborhood.  They are creative, but not chaotic. They enjoy being organized, so they can always makeroom for important things in life – like saying yes to a last minute wine-tour, or flexibly go all in for a week of remote working at a friend’s place. Ultimately, Domads are able to deep travel anywhere they are, whatever they do: on the web, shopping downtown, diving into a book, at the SPA or kayaking through a remote river. They bring a sense of home always with them. While they exude the excitement of voyage even when settled.

image The Domad Movement: Seamless Living Across Diverse Space

How can they do that? Because they reckon that the ultimate goal is to genuinely connect with people and places around them – along the way, in any possible way. As they know that, after all, the home and the world are one place.  Domads take comfort seriously. And they would do anything to improve the comfort levels of places and people they connect with. They understand the healing power of flow, and the therapeutic touch of decluttering.

Domads demand kit that keeps them moving seamlessly between sofa-office, gym, departure gate and island adventure.

They know that when we are always moving between places and modes, we need go-gear that can keep up, but that also helps us to power down and recharge as and when, at home or away. Domads trust adaptive, intuitive gear to help us roam further, push harder, and relax more completely – so that we can do it all over again tomorrow. But different.

Do it your way, with less in your way. Go Domad.