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The domand movement

The Domad Movement

In the wake of new everyday-life routines along with a more conscious wanderlust, a new human type is born: the Domad.

A crossover who thrives in homely coziness yet feeds on traveling inspiration.

A nomad in the spirit, a domestic creature in the day-by-day. Many of us are getting somewhat Domad.

And for that matter, Domads might make the world a better place. How?

Social Media Detox

How a social media detox can help boost your mental health

The rise of various social media platforms in the modern age has changed the way we live our lives. From catching up with old friends to making new ones, social media is very valuable to us in terms of making connections.

Whether these relationships are formed on a professional or personal level, they are as important now as face-to-face relationships have ever been. There are many positive things that have come out of the rise of social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. However, research in the past several years has shown a potential link between social media use and a decline in mental health.


A material path… to move away from materialism

Ready for the therapeutic paradox? By learning the minimalist approach, you will discover how material goods – all the things we surround ourselves with – can be the means to mental liberation from materialism.

viaggiare vado world

5 ways the “new way of traveling” makes life better

It is somewhat refreshing to sum up to ourselves the positive impact new habits have on our routines, isn’t it?

Viaggiare leggeri

Declutter, travel, heal. Repeat.

Looking for fun ways to work on your inner wellbeing, blending such tasks with your day-to-day life too? Learning the basics of decluttered traveling might be right for you.


Minima-Lists: the ultimate checklist guide for decluttered packing

Ok, it’s time to go. You have a destination, you have a plan, but… do you have an unwavering clue of what to pack? Be it just a weekend getaway, a month of remote working in a new town, or a gap year.